[RESOLVED] CakeMail experiencing mailings delivery issues


CakeMail is currently experiencing instability affecting mailings delivery. At this time, no emails are being delivered (they are however queued for delivery). Our team is actively investigating the situation.

Update 2015-06-17 4:45 PM EDT: The systems are still unavailable and we do not expect a resolution before 6:30 PM EDT. Unless developments are made, an update will be posted at that time. 

Update 2015-06-17 6:35 PM EDT: The delivery system is still unavailable. Our team is working towards bringing it back online in the best delays.

Update 2015-06-17 8:00 PM EDT: The services are still down and our technicians still working on the issue. Progress has been made but we do not have a resolution time yet.

Update 2015-06-17 8:02 PM EDT: The systems are now back and delayed mailings are being delivered.

Update 2015-06-18 11:50 AM EDT: Last night's issue was caused by an electricity outage at one of our datacenters. While most of our infrastructure responded properly to the incident, a few pieces of equipment did not and thus had to be manually rebooted on-site by our technicians. As soon as we were able to reboot them all of our systems came back online.

The only impacted systems were the delivery servers. No API or UI calls failed and emails marked for delivery were queued instead of shipped while the servers were offline. All queued emails were delivered by 10:00 PM EDT.

Please contact if you have any questions.

Thank you,

The CakeMail Team

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