Outage on April 13, 2012

Last night some of our clients experienced issues accessing their accounts. There was a problem with an upstream connectivity supplier, Level3, affecting a whole data center.

What went wrong:
Level3 had a major issue with our internet traffic on their core router in Montreal last night between 12:45am and 4:30 am. This issue forced our internet connectivity to bounce on and off sporadically. The problem started at around 12:45am, reported at Level3 at 1:00am

What we did to fix it:
Level3 Tech was onsite at 3:35am, change the hardware at 3:40am , slowly back online by 3:45am and service was completely reestablished by 4:30am.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and your clients,
- The CakeMail Team

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