Issue with Optimized Templates - Resolved

Yesterday morning we updated the content of our optimized templates by mistake. As soon as we were made aware of this situation, we restored the original content of our optimized templates. Some fixes to the templates were lost in this process and we quickly began restoring the latest version from a database backup from the night before. Although this was a long process, we are now fully recovered.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and your clients.

- The CakeMail Team

We are currently experiencing some issues with our Optimized Templates. The team is in the process of recovering all of these templates and we expect to have a fix within the next few hours.

Rest assured that all personalized templates are not affected.

All updates will be posted here.


Update 2:28pm ET: Recovery in process.

Update 4:30pm ET: We are at 80% recovery.

Update 9:11am (15/02): We are fully recovered.

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