Issue with tracking and image upload affecting some clients - Resolved

Some clients are reporting issues with tracking and image upload. We are investigating the situation. Updates will be posted here.

Update 7:15AM EDT: Issues with tracking seems to be resolved. Still investigating issue with image upload.

Update 9:15AM EDT: All campaign, tracking, and list issues have been resolved. Image Library is currently being addressed. 

Update 9:58AM EDT: Image Library issue has been resolved.

Update 10:12AM EDT: The database that originated the issue is still encountering problems. Investigating.

Update 11:17AM EDT: We are working on the database affected. 

Update 12:50PM EDT: We had to restore a database backup. The backup was made around 00:00AM EDT. The system is now functional, but all work (lists, campaigns, and clickthrough reports) created within the time frame the database was affected is lost temporarily. The team is working to restore all work. 

Update 4:30PM EDT: Lists data is recovered. Any possible unrecovered log activity will be recovered in the following days.

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