Technical Issues - Issue Resolved

We are currently experiencing some technical issues - we are working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. 

Update 4:44 EDT: the problem seams to be related to a SAN behaving strangely. Still working on it. -FL

Update 4:57 EDT: SAN is fine. Looks like a network problem. Still working on it. -FL

Update 5:39 EDT: Our team is still investigating the issue physically at the data center. We do not have a resolution time yet. -FL

Update 7:33 EDT: Rebooting servers! - AS

Update 8:23 EDT: Issue has been resolved - Some databases are still rebooting - AS

Update 8:29 EDT: Issue has been identified and we are slowly recovering the system. - AS

Update 8:57 EDT: Most databases recovered, a few more to go - FL

Update 9:33 EDT: System is back up and running. - AS

Thank you for your patience

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