Square brackets - Corresponding field name no longer required

In order to add flexibility and respond to client requests, CakeMail now allows for the use of square brackets in your email content without requiring the corresponding field name in your list.

As you know, in your email text content CakeMail uses square brackets " [ ] " to identify text to be replaced by personalized values from your mailing list. For example: In order to automatically populate your email with a recipient's first name with data from your mailing list in a column called "First_Name", you can insert the field values in your mailing by typing "[First_Name]" in your email content. In order use square brackets around text such as "[First_Name]",  CakeMail used to require the corresponding field name "First_Name" in your list.   This is no longer the case
If you enter square brackets in your text content that contain an active (exact) field name in your list, CakeMail will continue to replace the value with the corresponding field valueHowever, now it is very important to verify your personalization works during the Conformity-Testing stage of content creation, before your send your mailing.
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