Image hosting problem

There is currently an issue with the server hosting newsletter images. Images uploaded throught the WYSIWYG editor in Hosted CakeMail are currently not available. We are working to solve this problem.

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    Timos Tokousbalides

    Do we have any update on this issue? 


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    Francois Lane

    We have succeeded in restoring many Hosted CakeMail client images. However, we have noticed several clients are still missing images. At this time, it is unlikely that we will be able to restore these images. We recommend reuploading your images as soon as possible.

    For your information, this problem was caused by an error while manipulating files on a RAID enabled NFS partition.

    We are fanatic about security, redundancy and backup of the CakeMail API and its databases, and now the hosted interface infrastructure has been updated to the same standards. We are doing our best to ensure this will never happen again.

    We are terribly sorry about this. We know that such problems are unacceptable and we won't be satisfied until performance and reliability are statistically indistinguishable from perfect.

    For any question, please contact me at

    Francois Lane, CEO


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    Chris Nadeau

    Bummer...Thanks for the explaination.  We better let our clients know.



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