[RESOLVED] - Email delivery - Incident - 2017-06-10 - 10:00

21:44 - Links have been physically repaired. The incident is completely resolved. Systems are back to an optimal state 


10:00 - A network incident affects email delivery. We are working with providers to resolve the issue.

11:28 - We are still in communication with providers to resolve the issue.

11:50 - Links have been physically severed and the provider is working on re-establishing (merging) the connections. We will publish update in the next 2 hours.

13:14 - Provider is still working to re-establish links. Further updates to follow.

15:21 - A contingency solution is being prepared and will be deploy soon.

18:53 - A contingency solution is in place. Emails are being sent. We are monitoring to handle remaining outstanding issues

18:45 - The severed links are still being repaired. ETA 00:00. Relays and test emails are still affected by the issue. 

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