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Mireillle Tessier Mar 24 News and Status / System Status


CakeMail is currently experiencing delays. Our team is working towards resolving the matter as soon as possible. 

[Update - 2014/03/24 @11:45]: Systems currently unstable. The team is working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

[Update - 2014/03/24 @12:00]: The User Interface has been re-established. The team is working to remove delays on delivery of mailings.

[Update - 2014/03/24 @12:58]: Mailings are being processed according to their order in the Queue. To maintain your sending priority, do not "Edit" or Unschedule your campaign.

[Update - 2014/03/24 @13:29]: All queued mailings delivered. Systems back to normal.

Thank you,

The CakeMail Team